Making Money Moves Like A Girl Boss (Path to Power Recap)

Hey, Beauty Boss!

Last week I got the opportunity to attend an amazing event hosted by Essence and Northwestern Mutual. The Path to Power panel of total girl bosses spilled ALL the tea on some juicy topics from money mindset, to mentorship, relationships, and being a girl boss!

I mean… I can barely put into words the brilliance on one stage and the amount of takeaways I scribbled down!  If you weren’t able to come out then, honey, you missed out but fear not, Beauty Boss. Here are a few of my key takeaways that I walked away with at Path To Power!

“There is a world that is waiting on your greatness and when you show up for it, it will show up for you.” -Allyson Byrd

This quote really hit home for me. So often we think that simply “showing up” and being present should show for something. The reality is it’s not just about “showing up” but being clear and intentional about what you showed up for. As Allyson explains, “we have to show up and say I showed up to eat, and this is what I want on the menu.”  Don’t fool yourself into believing that being a hard worker is going to get you to where you’re trying to go. It’s being a SMART worker that is going to get you there, so be intentional about your moves and plan out your success!

“Pay yourself first, and if you cannot then you need to look yourself in the mirror.” -Anitra Blue-Francis

 This Northwestern Mutual Financial Advisor explained how sometimes it is HARD to hold up the mirror to yourself and admit that things are not working.  That does NOT mean give up, but it means that you need to be honest with yourself FIRST so that you can recognize that something needs to change.  Perhaps that means trading your Audi in for a Honda (we love Honda’s).  Perhaps that means downgrading your home.  Or maybe it just means that you need to up your hustle!  Whatever the case, it is important to set aside your pride and put yourself in the power seat to make smart decisions for the betterment of the long haul!

“Every successful person has problems.  We have issues.  We just deal with it.” -Tiffany Derry

I mean…. is there anything more to explain?  Ultimately we have to choose which kind of party we want to have…. a pitty-party or a success-celebration.  Is it sympathy that you are looking for or is it results?   If results are what you are looking for then stop dwelling on your problems and focus on the solution!

“Invest in yourself.” -Yodit Tewolde

We have heard it a million times but it Never. Gets. Old.  We HAVE to keep investing in ourselves because if you are tired of getting what you have always gotten, then you need to quit doing what you have always done! Investing in your growth is essential to navigating the path to power and those who choose to make their growth a priority get the fasted route!

“If your man was your money what kind of relationship would you have?” -Charreah Jackson

The Senior Editor of ESSENCE herself could not have made it any realer!! Would it be an honest relationship?  Would it be shady?  Would it be consistent or all over the place?  If your relationship were a hot mess, would you stay in it?  Probably not!  So get into a serious relationship with your money and treat it like Bae so that you can grow a long, beautiful, and happy relationship like a boss.
Which of these quotes resonated most with you?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!  I can’t wait to hear your perspective.

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