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3 Reasons Why Vision Boards Aren’t Bogus

“The most interesting thought that surfaces when you hear the word “vision” is that you can’t physically see it.”

Let’s elevate to a space where we can make this happen. Let’s create a vision board.

A vision board is an incomparable tool to help you with visualization. It provides us with physical pictures to focus on, which allows our inner goals to segue into the manifestation of our desired reality. By creating these positive visualizations, we rewire our brain to formulate more positive thoughts. And we can all appreciate the power behind your intention and positive mental energy.

If you think vision boards are bogus, then the joke’s on you. Tweet This

To be clear of what you want from this industry and find your purpose in how to give back, the initial step is to set and understand your intention. Your intention leads to the effect, which later determines the impact. You should ask yourself the following questions:

1. How will these intentions affect me?

2. How will these intentions affect others?


Dr. Deepak Chopra says, “If the answer to both questions can be distilled to true happiness and fulfillment, then you are on the right track.”


Here are our top three reasons why you should create a vision board.

1. Creating a vision board provides you with incentive.

Placing a vision board in a location where you’re able to see it often is a constant reminder of what your goals are, and what you’re doing to accomplish these goals on a daily basis. Pushing through inevitable barriers is easier when you have an essential tool like this on your side.

2. Lets us think outside our limitations.

Creating a vision board is an exercise in thinking beyond what you believe is possible. But this tool allows you to open yourself up to the opportunities to make those thoughts and dreams actually happen over time.

3. It works.

You can do anything you set your mind to. Just be sure to set your mind towards goals that you can control. Life will throw you obstacles and unforeseen challenges, but if you surround yourself with great people, you should have the support you need.

“If you think vision boards are bogus, then the joke’s on you.” – Huffington Post


14 Responses to “3 Reasons Why Vision Boards Aren’t Bogus

  • Chelsea Lea Brafdord
    6 years ago

    These are so encouraging and came at just the right time! Its so hard working in this industry sometimes with people always telling you the negative side of things and beating you down! This is truly motivational and helps me feel so empowerd! The one about comparison speaks so much to me as well! It’s not a competition and I wish most people understood that!

    • Briana Dai
      6 years ago

      So glad you got some empowerment out of our blog!! Slay on, sister

  • Margaret Croom
    6 years ago

    I was at an event once and a woman came up to me and said “you are on my vision board!” I was like “what’s that?” She told me and I was so flattered. She got an immediate appointment with me!

    • Briana Dai
      6 years ago

      WHAT?! Now that is crazy! How awesome. If that doesn’t prove how effective vision boards are, I don’t know what does!!

  • Michaela Lew
    6 years ago

    So many encouraging avenues & positive ways to express yourself & art!

    • Briana Dai
      6 years ago

      vision boards are TOTALLY another art form! thanks Michaela

  • James T.
    6 years ago

    I found this to be really refreshing and informative. I totally agree that vision boards are not bogus. I am a firm believer that we as people should think outside of our limitations. I love it!!!

  • Malana F.
    6 years ago

    I actually really enjoyed this! I was one of the people that doubted vision boards prior to reading this. It is definitely something that would help “organize and structure” my goals. Especially over a nice glass of wine…. I love it.

    • Briana Dai
      6 years ago

      Wine makes everything better! Cheers!! Can’t wait to see your vision board

  • Dream big and have a big vision of where you want to be. Keep sharing your dream, refining it, and you’re bound to make it real.

  • Stacey Collins Anderson
    6 years ago

    Why haven’t I made a vision board yet? Thanks for this!

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