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3 Tips To Make Your Dream Client a Reality


Okay, beauty bosses.

I’m taking over the blog this week to talk about our mission here at Beauty Boss Network to help you become the beauty boss of your dreams.  Key words, of your DREAMS, which includes working with the client of your dreams.  So often when I am in conversation with beauty bosses who are on their hustle and grind, they can’t seem to figure out why they still aren’t landing that dream client.  “Bri, I’m so busy but my clients aren’t willing to pay me more for me services.  How do I raise my prices?  I don’t want to lose my clients.”  Or, “Bri, how do I get into production?”  Or, “Bri, I just need to be in the right place at the right time if I want to work with a celebrity, right?” Wrong.

  The number one reason why you aren’t booking your dream client is because you don’t know who your dream client is !  In order to land the client of your dreams you need to speak DIRECTLY to the client of your dreams.  The beauty industry is more saturated than ever so in order to stand OUT, you need to be CLEAR who it is that you are trying to reach.  
The first step to landing your dream client is to get RICH in your NICHE Tweet This
Once you have that figured out, you can be way more EFFECTIVE with your marketing, and make sure you are easy to be found by the RIGHT clients.  Whether you have no clients at all, or a full client list, these strategies that we are about to cover are sure to land you MORE of the client of your DREAMS and INCREASE your sales.  Let me explain……..

  • Get Rich In Your Niche:   The first step to landing your dream client is to get RICH in your NICHE… doing this requires knowing your dream client avatar or customer profile (woah, I sound so corporate right now.)  But it’s true!  It isn’t enough to say that my dream client is “brides.”  What KIND of bride?  Is your dream client a boho bride, an Indian bride, a high-fashion bride, a traditional bride, and so on?  I used this example at one of my business classes last April and the stylist said, “Well, I want all the brides.”  And while that’s all great, if you really want to convert sales and land your DREAM bride, then you better know EXACTLY what that bride looks like and speak directly to HER.  That way, she sees something in your company that resonates with HER in a way no other stylist can.  Create a whole character, an avatar for your dream client and get as specific as possible.  Bringing your dream client to life helps you speak to them in a way that makes marketing your services and products effortless.
  • Be The Brand:  Once you know EXACTLY who your dream client is, branding yourself in a way that speaks to this client should be easy, right? 
    If you want to get what you’ve always got, keep doing what you’ve always done. Tweet This
    Wrong.  Everything about your brand should be streamlined in a way that coincides with your dream clients vibes.  Often times when building a personal brand, it’s easy to build a brand, a logo, an image that YOU like… but unless you ARE your dream client, you better make sure that your personal brand is still a reflection of you AND speaks to your client avatar.  Knowing your niche will help guide you in the right direction, but I personally am a HUGE fan of focus groups.  You don’t have to figure it out for yourself.  Pull some of your dream clients together and ask them which logo they like best.  Pay attention to their verbiage and mimic that in your copy.  You may just surprise yourself and realize that WHAT you THOUGHT appealed most to your DREAM client differs from the reality of what does!
  • Implement With IntentionYou are rich in your niche and have identified exactly who your dream client is.  You have become the brand that speaks to your niche and all of your brand elements are on fire.
    Success is NOT one-size-fits-all and there is a different recipe for everyone. Tweet This
     Now it is time to implement with intention.  If you want to get what you’ve always got, keep doing what you’ve always done.  But, if you’re ready to see the shift, then you need to shake things up.  Don’t go to the same networking events that you’ve always gone to and don’t keep using the same marketing channels that you’ve been using the past 5 years.  As your dream client evolves, so should your brand.  So pay attention to the shifts, and where they are spending their time.  Let’s say you are an RN for example… It does you NO good to know that your dream client is a mom of 3 kids and trying to fight aging (and would love your botox and filler) and is constantly uploading her family pictures and outings on Facebook….yet you’re focusing all your energy on Instagram.  Take notice to where your dream client spends their time and implement what you know in a smart and intentional way so that you are heard!

Success is NOT one-size-fits-all and there is a different recipe for everyone.  So keep your eyes on your own mat (as the yogis say) and focus on YOU, boo.  You got this!

2 Responses to “3 Tips To Make Your Dream Client a Reality

  • Thank you for this blog post bri! It’s a perfect reminder to stay up to date with your clients needs and wants.

    I think it’s a very important thought to think not only what you like, but even more so, what your clients want! I love the idea of a focus group of clients!

    Great thoughts bri!

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