5 Creative Ways to Save More Money $$$

Hey, Beauty Boss!

This week I am going to share 5 DOPE tips to help you make smarter money moves like a BOSS.  We actually dove really deep into this topic on this weeks Sip & Slay Monday (which is a bi-weekly Facebook Live that I do in the private pro-members Facebook Group)… and the feedback was SO awesome that I had to share with you too.  I researched tons of books and blogs and podcasts to pull together my top 10 favorite techniques to stack up your cash.  Today on the blog, we are going to hit on 5 juicy ones.  Ready to boost your bank account?  Let’s do it.



1. Stash Those Freebies

Next time someone treats you to lunch, a coffee,  a drink, or ANYTHING, don’t just take it as a freebie!!  Look at it like you were anticipating buying that lunch, coffee or drink anyway, so move that lunch money into savings instead of keeping it in sight!

2.  Pile Up Your 5’s

If you’re someone that carries cash, consider your $5 bills a collectors item.  Anytime you get a $5, don’t spend it.  Stash your $5’s in an envelope and let ’em pile up!  The bill is small enough for you to get by without missing it, but large enough to accumulate to a NICE lump sum of savings in a short amount of time.  Those who have done this said they were able to save an extra $25-$35 per week!  That’s a minimum of $100 a month!  Yes please, and thank you.

3.  Reverse 52 Week Challenge

The 52 Week Challenge is a really cool savings challenge where each week of the year, you put an equivalent dollar amount in savings.  Week one, you save $1.  Week two, you save $2… and so on. By the end of week 52, you’ll have put away $1,378 in savings (I am not mad at it)!  But like any challenge, we are our MOST motivated at the beginning SO instead of starting with $1, begin with $52 and go backwards so that it gets EASIER over time, not harder!  You’ll be way more likely to follow through if each week gets easier.

4.  What Raise?

Did you raise your service prices?  Did you get a raise at your job?  In either case, you’ve proven that you can live life on your previous income so challenge yourself to stash the extra dough in savings and no-touchie! Act as though you never got the raise.  Out of sight, out of mind…. until you really need it!

5.  Plug Up the Leaks

This is a biggie for me.  Do you really need Pandora One, Spotify Premium AND Apple Music?  No… you don’t.  Do you RRREAAALLY have to have those premium TV channels?  No… you don’t NEED those either.  Ever wonder why you never see a car commercial for Ferrari?  It’s because people who can afford a Ferrari aren’t watching TV… they are out there making money moves to afford that luxury.  Let’s take a clue from the Ferrari drivers and eliminate those extra costs.  Those $10 monthly subscriptions seem like nothing until you have 10 of them sucking up $100 a month.  Review where your money leaks are and cancel redundant or pointless subscriptions that you don’t need or use!  I bet you’ll be surprised what you can save without even missing it.


So, Beauty Boss, comment below which of these tips you’re excited to start using.  Have your own creative money saving technique you want to share with the community?  Drop it in the comments below!  I’d love to read what you do!  If you want to know the other 5 tips we covered on the Sip & Slay, go check out my video on the Pro-Member Facebook Group!  Not a pro-member yet?  You can start a free 14 day trial HERE!  I invite you to join us for more tips like these.  I can’t wait to hear your favorite tips!

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