5 Keys To Brand Yourself Like a Boss

Hey, Beauty Boss!

One of the most frequent mistakes that I witness Beauty Bosses make on the reg’ is that they build a brand that THEY love.  I know you’re thinking, “and what’s wrong with that, Bri?”  Of course you are supposed to love your brand but at the end of the day the thing that ultimately is going to matter is whether your CLIENT is in love with your brand as much as you are.  The key to a boss brand is building one that is going to seem irresistible in the eyes of your dream client.  It doesn’t matter that your favorite color is blue when your dream clients favorite color is purple.  A Beauty Boss needs to be smart and intentional with their branding and build one that is not only true to who they are but also speaks to the people that are going to boost your bank account.

Here are the 5 major keys to consider when you build your brand:

    1.  Brand Promise

Your brand is essentially a promise that you are making to your customer.  This promise is telling them who you are, and what you’re about.  It should clarify what differentiates you from everyone else in the industry who offers your service.  What is it that you are promising to deliver to your client that they cannot get anywhere else?

    2.  Brand Perception

This is the true test of how clear and concise your brand REALLY is.  It’s no different than reading a text message that you perceived in an entirely different way than it was intended.  Have you ever taken a text out of context (raises both hands)?  Your branding is no different.  One person might say, “this looks awesome,” while the other might think, “not so much.”  It’s your job to ensure that each and every person you want to attract is having the same perception of you and what you offer in the way that you’ve intended.

    3.  Brand Expectation

At this point, we are going to assume that your dream client see’s your brand promise, and perceives you as being irresistible.  They have now formed an expectation of what your product or service experience will be like.  We are going to assume that you’ve not only met, but that you have EXCEEDED those expectations (like a boss).  Now the trick to building a globally recognized brand is staying consistent with how you meet your clients expectations every single time.  The one thing that is harder than getting your foot in the door is KEEPING it there.  Building a boss brand requires consistency which means NOT getting too comfortable.

    4. Brand Persona

This is where being true to yourself is key.  How much of a disconnect would it be if you came to Beauty Boss Network, see our blush pink err’thang, light and airy positive vibes, and then meet me, the CEO, and I’m hardcore goth?  Awkward situation right?  There’s nothing wrong with a little goth vibes (I love a good dark lip), but truly, my brand speaks to a totally different type of Beauty Boss!  We have to represent ourselves in a way that is parallel with the brand we have established so that our client isn’t utterly confused!  Embody the persona that mirrors your brand promise!

    5.  Brand Elements

This is where we bring it all back to home… I touched on this at the beginning of the blog with the favorite color reference.  Once you’ve really sat down and determined exactly who you are trying to reach, and how you want to reach them, all of your brand elements need to be in place.  Your elements are all of the extra things that make you too legit to quit… your website, your business cards, your logo, your social media.  You can’t have a brand that speaks to “inclusiveness” and then be “exclusive” in your imagery.  Nor can you expect to attract bright, fun, blush-loving boss babes with a black and red gothic website.  Extreme examples?  Maybe… but now that you get the idea, make SURE that everything is in alignment.




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