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Since we are all on the path to plugging in on the beach (with a tequila sunrise) and buying the home of our dreams, I wanted to share my recent binge of research. I’ve been reading tons and tons about the habits of the poor verses the wealthy. Specifically, a book by Tom Corley, called  Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals. Just to paint the picture, Tom is the expert on the daily happenings and reasoning’s of the wealthy and the poor. I’m telling you, this dude did a five year study where he dove deeply into the lives of each side. Do keep in mind, he is specifically looking at finances here.


As most of us would guess, your habits are the reason you’re rich or poor.

  • Your habits affect your happiness, sadness, stress, relationships, and health.
  • By adopting these habits, you can start to think like a millionaire.


In a survey by Fidelity Investments, approximately 80% of people who have a net worth of $1 million or more did it without a trust fund or inheritance. So this is saying that you could do it too babe! With just your intention and application of these five tips.


Imagine if we ordered you two books:

  1. Here’s one with all the mistakes you could make;
  2. And here’s another one with all the ways to do it right.


Most people would say “Yes Kelsey, give me the answers!”, but in life, we tend to want to learn things the hard way. Let’s dive into a few of the things that are proven to lead to financial success.



Self-made millionaires are constantly reading and constantly growing their knowledge and methods to self-develop. According to his study, Tom Corley says, 85% of millionaires read two or more books a month, and they choose books that help them grow, including topics like careers, biographies of successful people, self-help, health, current events, psychology, and leadership.



“The key to success in life is growing your knowledge base and skills,” says Corley. “Devote 30 minutes or more each day to learning by reading books. If you do, it will set you apart from the competition, as most people do not read.”



Ninety-three percent of self-made millionaires in Corley’s study attribute their wealth to having mentors.

“Finding a success mentor in life is one of the least painful ways to become rich,” says Corley. “It can put you on the fast-track to success.”


There are many different outlets to finding a mentor or a coach, check out our mentorship to jump start your growth.




Anytime millionaires are planning their goals, projecting their finances or looking for ways to grow their income, they are ritually setting daily tasks. This enables them to focus on their goals and keep a check on what is exceeding and what is falling behind.



When establishing daily goals, make sure that you prioritize. Put the most important things first. As an example, you wouldn’t. Be spending your time on something that is only going to pay you a hundred when you could be focusing on a project that will brig you much more. Short-term goals are just as important as long-term goals!




If only every day was laid out by paramount pictures, we could sleep in until noon and be served a fresh fruit parfait like we were Marie Antionette. News flash, it ain’t real!. Early to bed, early to rise is a  remarkable trait of most millionaires. I’ve heard on multiple occasions that the best of the best are up by 6AM! Yes, you read that correctly, 6AM. So set your alarms Beauty Boss, you don’t want to miss those extra hours while everyone else is pressing snooze. Think about this as your first decision of the day. Do you really want to tell the universe that you’re not ready yet? Start your day right and get up! Don’t forget to set the coffee pot, cause we know we all NEED that.





Millionaires do not work in dark basements; they get out and connect with others, growing their rolodex (give me some love in the comments if you know what that is) of contacts and wisdom. True connections with like-minded people will take you far!


Tim Conley confirms, “79% of the wealthy network five hours or more per month.”

If you are unable to directly connect with those that inspire you, get online and read their content, check out their podcast, and watch shows and events they have been featured in.



So there you have it! My top 5 tips to become a millionaire! If you want to catch the other five, giving you a total of 10 tips (SAY WHAAAT!?), you can find it on our Pro Members Facebook Page by signing up to be a pro-member today !  We’d love to have you join the family!



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  • Love, love, love these! I need to make it a point to network more! 5 hour monthly goal, here I come. Thanks, Kelsey, for sharing <3

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