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6 Habits of a Successful Soloprenuer

Starting a business with a team behind you is one thing, but going into it completely alone is a whole other monster. Running a business alone can be both exhilarating and a grind. Here are 10 habits every entrepreneur needs to do tackle this thing solo.

  1.  Keeping up with everything from accounting, to scheduling business meetings, to completing projects can be a lot for one person to handle. Managing what’s been completed, and what’s still in the works can be even more difficult. In order to navigate through your business venture like a pro, it’s important to use task management apps like Asana or Trello to keep up with all your checklists, duties, and details.
  2. Hiring an accountant is probably not in the cards anytime soon. Your best bet is to download a finance management / accounting app to help you stay organized and aware of all your financial needs. A successful soloprenuer is aware of every dollar coming in and every coin going out. Apps like Clarity Money and Spendee work as your personal financial adviser by helping you save, plan a budget, track spending, lower your bills AND manage all of your accounts on one platform.
  3. Excellent time management is another must-have habit for a successful solopreneur. Working without a team means a lot of tasks will fall into your lap. It’s important to manage your time wisely in order to stay on top of your schedule, meet deadlines, and please clients.
  4. Saying “no” is something that you must get used to doing if you want your business to survive. It’s natural  to want to take on as many clients as you can, and to want to please everyone. But in order to output consistently excellent work, a “no” must be thrown out a time or two. Managing your workload is all about knowing how efficient your work can be with “X” amount of clients. If you know you can excel with three projects going at a time, then stick to that. If you’re aware that throwing that 4th project in the mix will decrease productivity, then turn it down! More work will come. Plus, you can always revisit that opportunity when you know that you can handle it like a rock star. Remember,  never over promise and under deliver. 
    Saying no is something that you must get used to doing if you want your business to survive. Tweet This
  5. Networking is key to your entrepreneurial success. Knowing the right people, and building the right connections can help you strengthen your clientele and build your brand awareness. You can’t expect your business to grow if you aren’t running with the right circles, or building the proper alliances. Referrals are huge for your business! If you know someone who knows someone, you’re more likely to land those contracts and book those gigs that you’re going after.  
    You can't expect your business it grow if you aren't running with the right circles, or building… Tweet This
  6. Get a mentor who has been in your shoes who can properly guide you, and show you the ins and outs of the business. You wouldn’t get in your car and travel to a new destination without your GPS, would you? So why are you going to enter uncharted business territories without a map? A mentor is someone who has the expertise and experience you hope to achieve some day. They can shepherd you through certain aspects of your entrepreneurial journey and give you the much needed insight to garner success. Platforms such as Linked In and Mogul are the perfect place to find your perfect mentor mate.

Are you outlining these 6  habits in your daily soloprenuer routine? Or do you find yourself falling a little short? Fret not beauty bosses! That’s what we’re here for! Make sure you attend our launch party so you can become a part of our growing and encouraging platform. Maybe your mentor or your next referral is just one click away.


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  • Thank you for sharing beauty Boss Network! One of my biggest lessons was learning to say no! If you have too much on your plate you can’t balance everything. My favorite beauty boss taught me this! 💕💕💕💕

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