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Beauty Boss Network is the premium online community for ideas, inspiration, guidance, networking, collaboration, and live events.


Our members include makeup artists, hair stylists, beauty bloggers, aestheticians, plastic surgeons, registered nurses, eyebrow specialists, eyelash specialists, product development specialists, salon/spa management, retail managers, barbers, photographers, fitness professionals, and the list goes on!

Our mission is to help you break-out, ball-out, and blossom into the Beauty Boss of your dreams.


Briana Beauty Boss

Briana Dai is a sought after international makeup artist and hairstylist, entrepreneur, event producer, podcast host, author and social media influencer. She works with major brands such as James Avery, Bloomingdale’s, ESPN The Body Issue, Famous Footwear, and more.

Briana’s experience in the beauty industry ranges from working as a national trainer for cosmetic retail brands, television networks, celebrities like the Mariah Carey, LeAnn Rimes, Martina Navratilova, Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, Ezekiel Elliott to every day clients.

Today she is the CEO of Beauty Boss Network, a powerful networking and resource company dedicated to serving the needs of beauty industry professionals.

Meet The Team



The Beauty Boss
Briana is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Beauty Boss Network. She is constantly cultivating new ways to uplift and enrich the beauty industry. Briana has been in every corner of the industry and is leading the new wave of Beauty Bosses. She is the visionary behind the brand.
The Producer Boss
Walter has 20 years of experience in radio, television, and photography. He is the Executive Producer of the BBN Podcast and uses his artistic talents to capture the essence of the Beauty Boss Network culture in photos and digital media.
The Content Boss
Amani is a social media maven who combines her passion for beauty with her killer marketing skills to connect our brand with our audience and give them a taste of what it means to be a true Beauty Boss! She’s uses her bangin’ content to engage and attract.
The Creative Boss
Kelsey has an eye for visualizing the “Big Picture”. She is a skilled graphic designer and a master of aesthetics who serves as our Creative Director. She also organizes our lavish Beauty Boss Network events that our members love!
The Extra Boss
Larry is the Personnel Manager who utilizes his people skills to boost the morale of Beauty Boss Network employees and members. He also serves as the company’s Brand Ambassador by using his magnetic personality and 13+ years of experience in the beauty industry to represent Beauty Boss Network at speaking engagements all over the US!
The Game Plan Boss
Tangie is our Brand Strategist who fuses her business acumen with her creative skills to contribute to business development, product development, and marketing efforts for Beauty Boss Network. She is always creating new innovative products and processes to improve the BBN member experience.
The Silent Warrior Boss
Cherie has an impressive background in business, writing, and editing. She is the Research & Development Specialist who analyzes trends and lays the groundwork for all Beauty Boss Network projects! She ensures that our products are designed with integrity and exceed the standards of our BBN members.
The Bucks Boss
Travis is the Chief Financial Officer of Beauty Boss Network who manages the company’s finances and monitors the company's transaction processing systems.
The Buzz Boss
Cy uses her marketing and communications expertise to serve as the Public Relations Specialist for Beauty Boss Network. She is the PR guru that cultivates relationships between Beauty Boss Network and the media.

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