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AJ Crimson Match Me Perfect Recap

If you weren’t able to attend the AJ Crimson ‘Match Me Prefect’ event, then you missed out on a hell of a day! World-renowned celebrity makeup artist, AJ Crimson, came to Dallas to showcase his latest makeup artistry collection. While doing so, he taught a class and demoed his expert makeup skills with his phenomenal products. Here’s a breakdown of everything that went down + reasons why you DON’T wanna miss him at our launch party!

Our very own CEO,  Briana Dai,  gave a great presentation on how to land your dream client. Briana dropped so many gems and jewels on how approaching your business purposefully can impact your business positively. Some of Bri’s main takeaways are as follows:

  • Nail down your client avatar:  Casting a wide net is not going to give you guaranteed success. Getting rich in your niche is the way to go. Saying that you want to target women is vague. Saying that you want to target middle-aged women of color is more specific and viable.
  • Know where to find them: Your dream client isn’t always going to fall into your lap. You have to actively seek them out. This means paying attention to where they hang out, and positioning yourself to be there at the perfect moment.
  • Rebrand and Redefine: Now that you know who you are targeting, make sure that your branding reflects that. DO your research. Know what types of imagery and aesthetics appeal to your ideal client. Use that research to position yourself as their ideal supplier.

Other amazing speakers at the event included succesful PR professional Vivian Fullerlove, and skincare developer Elayne Arterbery. Vivian spoke about how to make PR work for your brand, how to book TV appearances, and how to stand out and get noticed. Elayne spoke about designing her skincare line from the perspective of a radio oncologist, explaining how certain chemicals and serums can help to brighten and reverse aging in the skin.

Towards the end of the night, AJ came to the stage to do a live demo featuring a gorgeous model and his latest and greatest beauty products. Here are some super juicy and exclusive takeaways from AJ’s beauty beat process.

  • AJ believes that his products work better without any primer or setting spray. He says this may not be true for other products, but he feels that his foundations shine best when used alone.
  • AJ does not do the traditional foundation with highlight and couture on top of it. He believes in carving out the shape first through a highlight and contouring shade, and going back with a mid-shade foundation to blend it out. AJ says that contour is in the shadows of the face so what better way to make that ring true than to apply it under your foundation.
  • AJ Crimson products are multi-purposeful. This means you can use the deepest foundation shade on your eyebrows, the lipsticks as blushes and all sorts of fun combinations. This can save an artist of lot of time, and a lot of space in their kit!

All and all, this event was stellar! So much knowledge and killer beauty insight from the professionals who know it best. If you want another chance to dive into the world of beauty bossery, you DON’T want to miss our launch party on August 6th. CLICK HERE to get more information.

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