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Beauty trends you need to follow this fall

Fall is upon us and beauty is in the air. Here are some of the top 4 beauty trends sure...

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How to be a Marketing Maven

Every beauty boss knows that marketing of some sort is needed in order to stay a float in business. But...

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Build a Body Like a Boss

Beauty is not only about make-up, hair and style. Although those things are fabulous and are cherished by all beauty...

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Being Intentional Gets You Further

Furthering your business is going to take less spontaneity and more intentional planning and strategy. It’s nice to have dreams...

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Diversity in the Work Force Isn’t Optional. It’s a Must.

People want to surround themselves with familiarity. They want to do what makes them feel the most comfortable. This could...

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How Doing You Can Help You Boss Up!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the launch party this past week, it’s that every successful personality on that...

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5 Must-Listen Podcasts That You’ve Been Sleeping On

As a young business woman, man, or entrepreneur, it’s nice to find a tribe of people who share your interests,...

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AJ Crimson Match Me Perfect Recap

If you weren’t able to attend the AJ Crimson ‘Match Me Prefect’ event, then you missed out on a hell...

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6 Habits of a Successful Soloprenuer

Starting a business with a team behind you is one thing, but going into it completely alone is a whole...

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How to Use Social Media to Elevate Your Business

As we all know, (or at least we should know) social media is the best way to advertise your businesses...

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