Why I Created Beauty Boss Network, & Why You’ll Love It

Hey, Beauty Boss!

So lately I’ve gotten to think a lot about why I created Beauty Boss Network.  With Thanksgiving this week, I am definitely in the spirit of reflecting on not only what I am thankful for this year, but even more importantly why. If you haven’t ever thought deeply into your why, then that is your Thanksgiving HOMEWORK, honey!! Because being clear and focused on your why (at least for me) has driven every step I take.  So take a moment, reflect, and actually write down WHY you do what you do, and WHY you are thankful for the things that you’re thankful for.

One of the things I am MOST thankful for this year, is following my instinct to even start Beauty Boss Network.  I have been a makeup artist and hairstylist for the past 11 years (you can check out my work here).  So far I’d say I’ve had a good run working with clients around the world, from glamming Mariah Carey, LeAnn Rimes, and grooming Ezekiel Elliot for the ESPN Body Issue cover, it’s been awesome. Then one day I realized, no matter how amazing of a career I have, I would always be trading my time for money… and I can never make more time. So I wanted to create a business that would allow me to bring in income beyond the time that I have to offer. When I contemplated what that would be, I realized my only other passion was personal development, and helping others in the industry… I had several girls that I mentored and watching them grow made me hella proud…so the question became how can I make an income AND an impact. Lots of thought, market research, and hard work later, Beauty Boss Network was born.   Here’s why I’m in love with what we do here:


What I realized on my makeup artistry and hairstyling journey was that most of my BEST career opportunities came from people in other areas of the industry.  That’s why it was so important that Beauty Boss Network wasn’t JUST for makeup artists or hairstylists, but for everyone involved in beauty.  I love that this community embodies every facet and every realm of the beauty industry.  Our members include makeup artists, hair stylists, beauty bloggers, aestheticians, plastic surgeons, registered nurses, eyebrow specialists, eyelash specialists, product development specialists, salon/spa management, retail managers, barbers, photographers, fitness professionals, financial advisors, lawyers, and the list goes on!


I can first-hand attest to the significance of networking (as all of us probably can) so being able to easily and succinctly find other industry professionals, and connect with them both virtually and through live events on this platform was so important.  Our baller members are able to search for other beauty pros by name, location, expertise, or any other keyword they can think of and browse their profile to see their bio, images of their work, videos, links to their website and social media…. we basically built these profile pages to be like a business card on steroids so that it is fast and simple to find someone you need to connect with.


We all need visibility.  That’s why our calendar isn’t only for OUR events that WE host.  It’s for our members to use as well.  If someone in our community is hosting a mixer at their salon, or a class, or even a meet-up, they can post their event to the Beauty Boss Network calendar for the community to see.  Everyone who comes to this platform is looking for one thing: resources to build, boost, and promote their business in the BEAUTY industry.  So we provide a targeted audience that our community is able to utilize to broaden their visibility!


I wanted to make it EASY for people to invest in themselves. Anyone who has invested into this community gets discounts on everything… and I mean everything: merchandise, resources downloads, coaching programs (hint hint, flashing forward to a 2018 launch, hollaaaa), webinars, events, and anything else on the horizon.


The people behind this brand are hearts of gold.  They are my family.  I am in love with their love for people and their passion to better our industry.  Beauty Boss Network wouldn’t be what it is without the beautiful people who are behind it.  If you haven’t met our team yet, you can check them out here.  Anytime you send an inquiry, it’s one of us that gets back to you.  We are real people, with real passion, and a genuine fire for what we do.


Since we are such a tight little team, any time we get feedback, an inquiry, an idea, an ACTUAL human brings it to the table and we make it happen.  Our community is the pulse of everything that we do.  We love hearing what you have to say and what you want to see from us.    We love it so much that we host focus groups on the regular to ensure that we are providing what it is that you want to see.  And any time we get a love note, a compliment, or a positive testimonial an ACTUAL human does a little happy dance.  Your voice matters to us so if you want to see something from Beauty Boss Network, just say so!  Send an inquiry on the contact page or drop a comment below.  Someone will get back to you… promise!

I could go on for at least another 10 reasons why I am thankful for Beauty Boss Network right now…. but I realize this is a blog, not a novel, so I will spare you all for NOW… it’s Thanksgiving and we have food to prep!  Instead of rattling off a novels worth of things I am grateful for, I’d love to read yours.  Sound off in the comments below about anything you are grateful for, and whatever you do, don’t forget your WHY!


2 Responses to “Why I Created Beauty Boss Network, & Why You’ll Love It

  • I am so grateful for the Beauty Boss Network! Everything Briana has taught me has been paramount to my success!

    My personal WHY, is because I want to see people grow. Whether it is in their business or in the way they see themselves in their mirror and heart, I want to see people grow. Through my Mentor, Briana, and my community, I have grown, and I have a passion to share my knowledge with others.

    • I love you, Kelsey! Your hard work is mutually vital to the success of this brand and we COULD NOT do it without you!! Your why definitely shows

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