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Hey, Beauty Boss!

With the new year fast approaching, it is the perfect time to begin that home office makeover.  Let’s not wait for the new year to get here to commit to making positive changes.  Hit the ground running and be ready when that ball drops to put your fresh space to work.  According to the statistics, enjoying your environment can have a substantial impact on your productivity, and coming from a girl who recently rearranged her entire space I 1,000% agree!!  Which is exactly why this week I wanted to share a few tips to easily and inexpensively revamp your workspace so that you can get ready for your best year yet!

Let The Light In


According to a study I read up on, employees who had their desk by a window had 15% higher productivity than those who were facing a wall.  When I decided to rearrange my home office last month, I decided to put this statistic to test, and I have not been disappointed.  The light flooding in helps keep my energy up.  Plus being able to see beyond a wall has completely opened up my mind when it comes time to brainstorm and be creative. “But Bri, what if I don’t have a window in my workspace?”  My answer to that is, treat yo-self to a bright, and cute desk lamp.  Anything you can do to brighten your workspace will also brighten your mood and outlook!

Mood Boards For The Win

Pinterest is great and all, but there is nothing like having a good, old-fashioned real life visual to personalize your space AND simultaneously keep you on track.  Mood boards can be created and easily customized on a corkboard like I’ve done in my own home office, or a magnetic chalkboard that you can draw on and pin things to.  They add personality PLUS visually keep you on track with your priorities.  We are obsessed with the mood board game in the Rebecca Taylor office!




Make It Your Happy Place


Speaking of adding personality, don’t forget to bring in things that make YOU smile.  Yea, your office is the place where you get ish done,  but that doesn’t mean it needs to feel like a detention center.  Make sure you light your favorite candle, or maybe bring in a some fresh flowers, or a plant.  Bringing in elements that make you happy will make being a Beauty Boss feel more like a treat than a chore!



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