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How Doing You Can Help You Boss Up!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the launch party this past week, it’s that every successful personality on that stage had their own unique character and charisma. Although they are all in the beauty space, it is their security in who they are, and the individuality of their brands that makes them rise up and stand out. Too often when trying to navigate the road to success, we try to follow someone else’s blueprint when really, the key to victory is following our own. It’s nice to admire other industry pros, and listen to their tips and tricks, but don’t get so wrapped up in their journey that you lose sight of who YOU are. Here are 3 ways doing YOU can help you boss up. 
It's nice to admire other industry pros, and listen to their tips and tricks, but don't get so… Tweet This

Experiences breed Loyalty: You may be the best darn hair stylist in the country, but if your service wasn’t memorable then you’re not likely to see that customer again. People aren’t likely to remember what you said to them, but they will remember how you made them feel. Give them a unique client experience that they can’t get anywhere else. Many people in the beauty industry offer the same services, and may have the same level of skill. But it’s that winning smile and killer personality that gets you to the top. 
Many people in the beauty industry do the same jobs, and may have the same level of skill. But… Tweet This

What works for Sally may not work for Sandy: Authenticity is a quick way to earn someone’s respect in business. Clients can tell when you’re faking the funk, and putting on a facade. Being loud, and boisterous and outgoing may work for some artists, but if that isn’t your true personality, your clients can see right through it. The right customers will rock with you and who you truly are. Your reputation is too precious in the industry to be muddied by a fake persona that isn’t even really you! Don’t chance it, be true to yourself, and watch the money roll in.

Trust your gut: Your gut instinct is often the one that will guide you in the right direction. If you have a brilliant idea that you think could do wonders for your business, go for it! Nothing sucks worse than a missed opportunity that could have been seized. Taking risks is always scary, whether it’s in business, relationships or otherwise. You’re better off taking a chance on being innovative than being left in the dust. Remember, the sooner you start on an idea, the better. It doesn’t  have to be perfect. It just needs to be consistent, and it needs to be you.

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