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How to be a Marketing Maven

Every beauty boss knows that marketing of some sort is needed in order to stay a float in business. But what is the proper way to go about executing a marketing strategy? How can you tell if it’s really working? Are you getting a return on your investments? Is the effort you’re putting into your campaigns worth the time? Here are three ways to ensure that your marketing is fruitful and worth your while.

KPIs: Key performance indicators are ways to track your progress. It is a way to set goals for your content and campaigns, and ensure that you are not aimlessly shooting out posts in hopes of getting a response. KPIs help to put certain guidelines in place, and guarantee that your marketing motives are fulfilling your target consumers needs. An exaple of a KPI is an increased  follower count, increased post engagement, or increased conversions. Set goals for these ahead of time and base the succuess of you campaigns, on the completion of your KPIs.

KPIs help to put certain guidelines in place, and ensure that your marketing efforts are… Tweet This

ROI: Return on investment is similar to KPIs in the sense that it helps you track your progress and see how your marketing efforts are impacting  your bottom line. For example, if you spent $150  on Facebook and Instagram ads this month , and you made $1000 as a result of that, then your ROI is $850. ROI can gauge the profitability of your marketing efforts. It helps put your marketing budget into perceptive by tying a dollar amount to the outcome of your advertisements.

Target Content: Knowing who it is that you want to reach sounds like common sense but it is an important  step that often gets ignored during marketing. As a business owner it can be exciting to dive into the world of digital marketing and see what kind of eye catching and sticky content you can put together. However, it’s important to remember that you aren’t trying to attract yourself to your business. You already love it! You know everything about it. Your target consumer is a stranger to your products or services and you must treat them as such. Target and tailor your content to their specific needs, and be sure to explain your offerings as clearly and consciously as possible.

However, it's important to remember that you aren't trying to attract yourself to your business. Tweet This

Following these three rule by no means is everything you need to now about marketing, but it’s definitely the start you need to get yourself moving in the right direction.


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