Kick Ass & Make it Last: How to make sure you actually STICK to your New Years resolutions…

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The New Year has arrived and brought with him a new page, good intent, and an opportunity to better yourself in the form of a New Years Resolution.  I love this time of year because it forces me to sit down and recognize what worked, what didn’t , and what I’m going to do to get me closer to achieving my life goal of world domination.  With that usually means a vow to work out more, get on social media less, and learn a new skill that will make me a better person.  I always have the best of intentions to commit and stick to my new habits because being a better person is a no brainer…

The unfortunate reality, however, is that less than half of American’s will last past the first 6 months of their resolution journey.  Guilty, anyone? (raises hands)  We have all been guilty at one time or another… and if you haven’t been guilty of breaking your resolution, then leave me a comment because I need to interview you on the secret!!!  For the rest of us mortals, it is NOT uncommon to fall off the wagon of good intent and fall back into our old ways.  So if you want to avoid being one of the statistics this year and stick to your goals to achieve long lasting results, then follow my guide to kicking ass and making it last:

Take it Easy, Tiger

Having 5 positive new years resolutions is great and all, but before you start tackling your fitness goals, career goals, and personal goals all at once, just hold your horses.  Some things are just better not spread too thin…. peanut butter, cheese, YOURSELF!  Focus on creating one good habit at a time so that you can stay focused making changes that are deep, not shallow.  We go into the New Year with the best of intentions to do ALL THE THINGS, yet, one thing remains the same each year… you are still only human, so lighten your load and tackle it all, just not all at once.
Some things are just better not spread too thin.... peanut butter, cheese, YOURSELF! Tweet This

Be Conscious of your Subconscious

I was listening to an interview with a subconscious thinking expert (yes, it’s a thing) named Jim Fortin and he specializes in helping people rewire their brains in order to get what they want out of life.  I was fascinated by how much our subconscious, things we don’t even realize we are thinking about, impact our ability to achieve our goals.  Let’s say the goal is to achieve your best body this year: if you subconsciously see yourself as someone who is and always has been over your desired weight, then you are subconsciously keeping yourself there.  Someone with a healthy body does not view themselves in that way.  The subconscious signals you are sending yourself and your body are silently sabotaging your ability to achieve your goal.  To reprogram your subconscious, Fortin poses the question, “what are three things that you would be, feel, and do if you already achieved your goal?” Write that down, and place it where you can see it every day.  The more you repeat that sentence, the more you will begin to reprogram your subconscious into believing you have achieved your goal and will automatically adopt the traits of the person you are working towards becoming.

Manipulate Your Own Mindset

people who write down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them than those who didn't.… Tweet This

Not all, but most of us who struggle to maintain our resolutions fail because we ultimately just can’t uphold our personal promises.  If you know this about yourself then set yourself up for optimum success by manipulating your own way of being.  Sprinkle accountability all over.  If you won’t uphold your goal for yourself, then do it for someone else.  Would you stand someone up at the gym?  Hopefully not.  If you got a pet miniature pig, would you really still buy bacon?  I don’t think I could.  So, the moral of the story is people who write down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them than those who didn’t.  Telling a friend increases this rate to 78%.


4 Responses to “Kick Ass & Make it Last: How to make sure you actually STICK to your New Years resolutions…

  • GETTING A BABY PIG TODAY! LMAO! I want to go vegan this year, get in better shape, and bring my business through the roof!

    • the pet piggie will DEFINITELY help with the veganism lol!!! 🙂 you will surely rock your goals this year, Kels.

  • So true about letting ourselves down because of the subconscious talk. As I read that I realized that I only saw the overweight me. I really have to see the thin me. No matter how far back I have to look. I saw her today while reading your blog.

    I also did not make resolutions this year. Instead I am making life changes. I am first working in my eating and gut health.

    Thanks for the motivation!!!!

    • I love that, Lisa! Talk about sticking to one thing at a time so you can make deep changes as opposed to shallow ones! Sounds like you are well on your way! Slay on, sister.

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