It’s Time to Stop Doing The Most and Avoid Getting Burnt Out

Hey Beauty Boss,

Are you always the Beauty Boss who’s doing the most to boost your biz?  Are you constantly working, making moves, and on-your-game? *raises both hands*  I have the worst habit of doing the absolute MOST as if I am going to win a prize for having absolutely zero work/life balance.  There is no doubt that success takes a tremendous amount of hard work, but you can’t show up your best for your business if you aren’t taking care of YOU too.  I had to learn this lesson the hard way when launching my first business.  We were closing in on year one and the business was doing amazing.  My partner and I set our goals high and hit our targets.  We surpassed six figures in revenue before year one was complete.  Our social media influence was climbing, our corporate sponsors were excited about partnering, and our customer testimonials were beginning to add up!
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While I THOUGHT that I was running a business, the reality was that the business was running me. I had gained 20 pounds, my skin was completely broken-out, my hormones were all out of whack, and most importantly, I just wasn’t happy with the life that I created for myself.  So what’s the lesson here?  It’s that success doesn’t always equate to happiness and in my case, it wasn’t worth my happiness, so I needed to slow down, get silent, and LISTEN to myself.

A burnt-out Beauty Boss, isn’t an effective Beauty Boss.  Here are a few signs that you need to make yourself a priority before you, your business, and your dreams implode on you.

“Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” is your favorite saying:

If you are always on-the-go and feel like there is NEVER enough time for the day, then you are in code-red, abort mission, high alert, in danger of total burn-out.  When the list gets to the point when you’re adding more items to it than you can realistically check off, then you need to hit pause.  Assess why you have so much going on.  It’s probably time to grow your team, or perhaps reinvent the way you’re doing things to be more efficient.  ALLOWING yourself to be so busy being busy WILL get old and you WILL break-down if you don’t hit those breaks, pop-open that hood, and take a look at why your engine is working SO hard to get to the final destination.  (PS – who am I right now with this car reference, I don’t even know).

You’re Like… Really Tired:

No, not just tired from a literal lack of sleep.  I’m talking about tired as in unmotivated, uninspired and unenthused with your hustle.  You’ve been on the grind, and frankly you are tired of working THIS hard ALL the time.  It’s natural, and it’s also the definition of burn-out.  So when you feel yourself getting to that space, that means it’s time to switch things up.  That switch up could be something as simple as going to work in a different setting.  If you always work from your home office, then maybe you need to spend the day at a coffee shop.  Maybe you need to set yourself more goals and come up with rewards for when you hit your targets (a little retail therapy is always a great incentive).  AND sometimes, something simple isn’t enough.  If you have fallen DEEP into exhaustion, then you might just need a “digital detox” and a vacation.  In either case, we ALL need to find time and find ways to recharge our own battery, and a full nights rest isn’t going to cut it.

You’ve Got Some Extra Junk In The Trunk:

This one is the story of my life, and a constant balance I am needing to consciously work on myself.  This one doesn’t come effortlessly to me, and I know is the same for several beauty bosses out there!  Weight gain (for me) is evidence of me working myself to the ground.  It’s a combination of eating in front of the computer because I “don’t have the time to take a lunch,” which means I’m too distracted by what I’m focused on to recognize that I’m munching on food when I’m not even hungry.  And if I am too busy to take lunch, then I am DEFINITELY too busy to take my butt to the gym.  No ma’am.  What we need to be okay with is that self-care is NOT selfish and AGAIN a burnt-out Beauty Boss isn’t an effective Beauty Boss.  Plus, studies have proven that endorphins are real and it might just be in that hour you grant yourself to get healthy, that you also come up with your next brilliant idea.  So, beauty boss, I’m talking to both of us as I reinforce that our business cannot serve as an excuse to put on the pounds.  We CAN have it all, and your business, your mind, and your body will thank you for consciously deciding to balance!


Sound off in the comments and tell me what YOU like to do when you’re feeling that burn-out creep up!  Your method might be just the thing a fellow beauty boss (myself included) needs!


4 Responses to “It’s Time to Stop Doing The Most and Avoid Getting Burnt Out

  • This must have been written for me !!! I truly needed this. Very eye opening , I’m on my way to find a new way to spend my time when I am burned out. I normally shop or spend to much money on food… I wanna do more tranquil things with my down time Any Suggestions

    • I totally relate on spending too much money on food, lol! I love entertaining friends and being in good company at my home on my downtime! In terms of other ways to really recharge, I am personally a huge fan of the gym… it’s hard to get into the habit but once it’s established exercise really does help me see so much clearer and I get some of my best ideas there!

  • I am definitely guilty of working so hard and then when I rest I find I have to resist the urge to feel almost guilty. Almost as if when I “relax” that time should be used for more “productive” things. It is just as important to step back! GREAT post!

    • Girl, I was the same way…. but the minute I realized that “me” time was vital to the success of my business because I was clearer and happier, the guilt started to subside. Sometimes that guilt still tries to creep in, but as long as you remind yourself to fuel yourself the same way you fuel everyone else, you will see a dramatic shift.

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