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Why FOMO is Killing Your Productivity


So you’re going to all these networking events for the sake of going, but not internalizing anything you’ve learned. You’re not maintaining any relationships you may have built, or following through with the work on your end.
Without clarity of what you are looking for, you aren't networking, you're socializing. Tweet This


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Look at you, girl ! It’s your third networking event this week and you’re feeling on top of the world! You’re meeting all these amazing people who have given you so much inspiration for your business. But what action have you actually put behind your networking efforts? FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) often times makes you think that not being on the scene will prevent you from making amazing new connections, meeting the person who will give you your big break, or just missing out on some good old fun. Here are 3 reasons why FOMO is a NO GO.


  1. You’re fooling yourself: Stop fooling yourself into thinking you are being productive while you sip on mimosas and pass out your cards.  If you are being totally honest with yourself and acknowledge that you are guilty of FOMO, then A) the first step to healing is admitting you have a problem, so good for you; and B) your main objective is to see and be seen, but what are you actually accomplishing? Going to as many events as possible for the sake of going is foolish, unless you are clear on your strategy and what you are looking for in order to grow your business.  Without clarity of what you are looking for, you aren’t networking, you’re socializing, and as a result you’re missing out on REAL money, and REAL progress just so you can fool around. No sis, do better.

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  1. You’re losing money: Most of these networking events are not free. While we agree that you have to spend money to make money, MOST of us show up to network, make some great connections, and then our follow-up is virtually non-existent.  So now what do you have to show for your money spent? A few business cards that you never use, and a couple of wine induced hangovers? No, ma’am. How about instead of spending money to attend 4 events a month, you only attend 2, and the rest of the time you would normally be at other events is spent FOLLOWING UP with the people you’ve connected with. Now you can save some money, actually cultivate great relationships, and begin seeing tangible results of your coin spending. 


  1. It’s got you discouraged:
    Make sure you're going into these events for the right reasons. Not for validation, but for… Tweet This
    Attending the events and rubbing elbows with some of the young professionals in your area can sometimes lead to false insecurities.  You may begin to feel like you’re not doing enough for your career. Maybe you’re not working hard enough, or meeting enough people, or making enough money. Maybe you’ve found that there are similar businesses in your field and you don’t think your brand can compare. These events can help light a needed fire under your butt, or they can have the complete opposite reaction. Make sure you’re going into these events for the right reasons. Not for validation, but for advancement.  And if you find yourself playing the comparison game, then you should check out our 3 Tips to Kick Comparisons to the Curb


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15 Responses to “Why FOMO is Killing Your Productivity

  • Larry TraeVon
    7 years ago

    This is soooooo accurate! And completely beneficial to business starters and business owners! Keep the knowledge coming Beauty Boss we love you! ❤️

  • Margaret Croom
    7 years ago

    The only FOMO that should be going on is the FOMO on followup and progressing your biz.

  • Marni Lester
    7 years ago

    Bam! You nailed it! These are some of the best business tips for all entrepreneurs!

  • This has been my favorite Blog so Far. It truly helped me organize just now what “network events” are worth it to my business strategy and which are Not !! Two Thumbs Up. Cannot wait for the next read

    • Briana Dai
      7 years ago

      Yay, I’m so glad you found this one helpful!! Go get ’em!

  • Follow up, Follow up and more Follow up. So important!

  • I HAVE FOMO!!!! thank you for sharing this!!!!!

    • Briana Dai
      7 years ago

      Well like we said, the first step to healing is admitting you have a problem! CONGRATS, KELS! We’re halfway there!

  • I can 100% relate to this post! As someone striving to bring awareness to our middle school girls, sometimes I experience INSANE FOMO! Like what events can help and am I going to the right ones? But this helped me so much!! I’m going to an event tonight so I will use this!!

    PS I would LOVE to join you on an upcoming podcast! I have a fun, positive attitude that I bring with me everywhere and I am a proud supporter of the brand!

  • zetgooky
    7 years ago

    Admiring the time and effort you put into your site and in depth information you provide. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same out of date rehashed information. Excellent read!

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